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Legends Digital: What We Do

Legends Digital: Sports - Micah Parsons - Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos

As “The Authority on Sports,” we bring the heat, ignite the energy, and make our passionate readers part of the action.

Our genius is simple - We provide up-to-date sports news on all levels; forge the forefront with genuine, iconic moments; and bridge cultural ties with global trailblazers as we cover sports and real-world phenomena.

It’s what we do!

  • We enlighten and entertain through innovative storytelling

  • We provide provocative commentary and upbeat, original reporting

  • We connect fans to their favorite athletes with broad, in-depth content

  • We spark passion, scope and perspective with unmatched coverage, from prep to the pros
Legends Digital: Entertainment - Beyonce - Renaissance Album

It’s in our blood. It’s truly what we do. It runs through the veins of who we are and what we encompass.

Entertainment is not only our modus operandi, but our brainchild, guts and glory. Distributing the best, most popular and current digital content to a global enthusiast audience, we are the heartbeat of today’s generation seeking to view entertainment “unboxed” and “without limits.”

Through visual connectivity, we are the authoritative source and destination viewers visit first for engaging content, talented storytelling, and on-demand, innovative entertainment.

  • We specialize in streaming the quirky, the off-beat and the original

  • We showcase the best series, artists, independent projects, and modern classics

  • We curate and highlight information on everything entertainment

  • We cover cutting edge, off-the-map projects that appeal to diverse tastes
Legends Digital: Fashion - Debra Shaw

Because Empowerment, Culture, and Style are always in Fashion.

Whether we are bringing the latest news and trends on entertainment, culture, politics, home-grown inspiration, or women doing "their thing," we keep our fingers on the pulse of the Phenomenal, Magnificent, and the Gorgeous.

Discovering and setting the new standards for beauty, size, and trends, we offer a fresh approach to how women "do fashion." Providing a truly global perspective on the fashion industry through the artsy lens of our editors, we elevate the voice of creative style and give others the power to make fashion happen.

  • Featuring colorful storytelling content and pictures

  • Journalizing the authentic side of life, society, fashion, and culture

  • Showcasing stylized snaps of undiscovered beauties, artists, photographers and models

  • Harnessing the insight of today’s trendsetters and tomorrow's influencers
Legends Digital: Productions - Brain, Divided - CGI Short Film

Every independent storyteller wants one thing beyond all others — a real opportunity to be seen.

Filmmakers and web series creators would like the chance to have the world view their work. Actors have visions of becoming the next Denzel Washington or Meryl Streep, and writers dream of being Lin-Manuel Miranda.

We’re making those dreams come true and showcasing these “hidden” gems to the entire globe. With an unlimited audience and indie productions from around the world, Legends Film Festival is the largest event of its kind. From 5-minute shorts to animation, to full-length features, Legends Film Festival is an unparalleled champion for indie projects and the passionate people who produce them.

  • Showcases world-class works by indie filmmakers, creators, writers and more

  • Connects global audiences with top-tier talent they may not yet know

  • Creates unrivaled opportunities for indie creatives to connect and attract new fans

  • Champions production companies with superlative talents and unveils them to the world
Legends Digital: News - Medical Research

Intent and deliberate in what we do, we take pride in covering the latest media, business, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, pop culture, and politics from around the world.

We provide our readers with engaging and informative content that sparks conversation, helps to create social change, and spurs people to take action.

From up-to-the-minute news to in-depth analysis, we are the go-to source for news and commentary worldwide.

Authentic to the core, “its news the way you want it’ and “the way it should be.”

  • A collective of compelling, diverse and visually engaging stories

  • Provides up-to-the minute news and opinions that impact lives

  • Highlights the top stories that inspire, engage, and motivate

  • Helping people understand the world around them through informative storytelling
Legends Digital: Business - Wall Street Bull

Whether it's a multi-billionaire tech conglomerate, a midsized financial advisory firm, or a start-up T-shirt company, we cater to every class of business with the wisdom, techniques and “hidden” tools to achieve success.

We provide readers a wealth of knowledge on finance, industry, investing, marketing, taxes, social media growth and more, bringing key information that traditional business publications fail to address — or simply do not disclose.

Mining the world’s greatest business and thought leaders, it's the gold needed to “Create, persist and succeed” and the fuel to “Keep going, no matter what.”

  • Gives readers in-depth, inside knowledge to grow every size business

  • Helps entrepreneurs master wealth-building — in business and life

  • Strives to be the key resource for progressive, thriving enterprises actively shaping the world

  • Cultivates conscience with commerce, keeping businesses in-step on vital social issues
Legends Digital: Lifestyle - Rolls Royce gold lady

Rich in pride, heritage and positivity, we recognize the achievements of notable African Americans and highlight lifestyles, news, entertainment, businesses, politics, fashion, sports and more.

Showcasing African Americans’ powerful impacts on all aspects of society, we counter mainstream media’s glaring racism and routinely negative depictions of Black men and women.

Strong, glorious and proud, we enwrap readers in essential editorial as we expose and clarify issues, explore interests and spotlight exciting personalities with unflinching vibrance.

  • Profiles noteworthy African Americans and their wide-reaching legacies

  • Showcases the scope, breadth and depth of Black contributions worldwide

  • Provides readers with comprehensive facts, exposing media stereotypes and misinformation

  • Highlights stars, rising voices and must-know faces at the forefront of Black culture
Legends Digital: Fitness - PhenomenalGainz

Fitness, health, mental well-being, discipline, beauty, intelligence and achievement — These are all  attributes of beautiful Black women living the healthy-fit life, and that wonderful list can go on.

Just as its sister brand Phenomenal (IAmPMAG) spotlights the beauty and style of Black women, PGainz celebrates the gym life, the “muscular is sexy” life, and the “dieting is discipline” life and all its spoils! From the Black woman who loses 75lbs to get healthy and fit to the Black woman who gains 35lbs of muscle and sculpts an ultra-sexy hip-to-waist ratio, PGainz is here for your ultimate fitness lifestyle.

  • Showcases beautiful Black women gaining muscle and curves while living disciplined, healthy lifestyles

  • Celebrates Black women who lose weight and shares their stories to teach ultimate health and inspire

  • Covers dieting, exercises, meditation and techniques to gain and sustain vitality and beauty

  • Gives keys to making gorgeous “Gainz”: Small waist, thick thighs, round derrière, lifting weights, squats, sprinting hills and more!