IAmPMAG (IAmPMAG.com/PhenomenalMAG.com), the gold standard in Black women’s fashion and lifestyle, is proud to be at the forefront of the digital runway. Embodying the core values of Phenomenal, Magnificent, and Gorgeous, IAmPMAG is more than a brand—it’s a celebration of Black womanhood in all its stunning diversity

Born as the original pioneer in glossy, high-fashion digital publications, IAmPMAG's undeniable visual identity has influenced numerous platforms in the fashion industry. The brand's aesthetics have established IAmPMAG as one of the world's best-looking and most engaging online magazines.

Beyond its visually captivating appeal, IAmPMAG offers an extensive range of editorial content. It covers a diverse range of topics, including hair, skin, fashion, shoes, culture, parenting, and entertainment. Keeping true to its innovative spirit, the platform now shines a spotlight on business sector superstars wearing Steel Toe Stilettos and celebrates powerful women across the globe in the world of STEM.

IAmPMAG is not only expanding its reach but also diversifying its content with the launch of several successful franchises, such as PGainz and IAmPhenomenal 40. These platforms notably celebrate the elegance of Black women over 40. In a recent display of its industry leadership, the brand led the first All-Black Creative All-Digital Fashion Week.

IAmPMAG is firmly positioned to reclaim its throne as the most influential force in women's fashion and lifestyle. It is dedicated to crafting a unique legacy, fueled by its unwavering commitment to the representation and inclusivity of Black women in the fashion industry. The world of IAmPMAG is a world where Black women's fashion and lifestyle are celebrated in all their Phenomenal, Magnificent, and Gorgeous glory.


Cool Facts about PhenomenalMAG:


  • PhenomenalMAG was actually the FIRST of LDM's websites to officially launch. It was launched on the birthday of CEO Maurice Baldwin’s mother, Margaret Baldwin, to honor her.
  • PhenomenalMAG.com was indeed named after Maya Angelou's poem "Phenomenal Woman."
  • Deidre LaShon guided PhenomenalMAG to 10 million page views per month within just 18 months of its first publication.
  • At one point Tamala Stumon was head of PhenomenalMAG, ShowTime Legends (now Everything ShowBizz), AND LDTV AT ONE TIME, and guided PhenomenalMAG to 335% growth in just 3 months -- Its largest growth in any one quarter.
  • PhenomenalMAG's direction was initially shaped by Harpers Baazar, Deidre LaShon's favorite fashion magazine while growing up.
  • PhenomenalMag.com averaged over 3 million visitors a month making IAmPMAG the #1 Black women’s fashion magazine and was Alexa’s #1 ranked Black Women’s Fashion Magazine.

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