LegendsDTV, the towering titan in the streaming landscape, is back! Once hailed by Alexa as the fastest-growing independent streaming service, LegendsDTV is set to reclaim its throne, aiming to redefine the streaming industry and become a leader in innovative entertainment.

The esteemed platform, available at LegendsDigitalTV.com and LegendsDTV.com, is on a course to revolutionize the industry, creating an international platform for independent content creators and producers to showcase their genius.

LegendsDTV is a unique and inclusive Internet digital television network that curates and provides on-demand streaming media for a worldwide audience. Harnessing the best elements from media, communications, and distribution models, LegendsDTV taps into the boundless reach of the internet, positioning itself as the ultimate choice for viewers. Welcome to TV Without Limits!

LegendsDTV inspires its viewers to celebrate life, ignite their potential, and reshape the world through visual connectivity. We are on a quest to discover, cultivate, and launch the next era of entertainment legends.

Prepare yourself for an entertainment extravaganza! Our programming boasts a vibrant mix of creativity, featuring the internet's most innovative independent content. It's a carefully curated spectacle of films, web series, and so much more, crafted by the finest independent creators from across the globe.

Join us as we revive the giant! Experience the dawn of a new streaming era and celebrate the resurgence of the titan of independent entertainment. Be part of this transformational movement and help us reshape the world. Ignite your greatness, and let's create legends together. Welcome to the new era of TV, welcome to LegendsDTV - it's TV Without Limits!

To learn more, please visit LegendsDigitalTV.com or LegendsDTV.com.


Cool Facts about LegendsDTV:


  • Launched on July 23, 2012. This date was chosen in honor of CEO’s Maurice Baldwin’s oldest sister Valerie.
  • LegendsDTV grew an amazing 90,000% in the first two quarters of its existence!
  • Part of LegendsDTV’s amazing growth was due to Dallas Cowboys fans. With “America’s Game” being part of the original programming, Cowboys fans started a movement which led to 5 million page views in under 90 days.
  • At the time of LegendsDTV’s launch, there were three other major Digital TV Networks: Blip.tv, KoldCastTV, and WebSeriesChannel. LegendsDTV is the only player that is still standing of the four.
  • In 2016, LegendsDTV surpassed 30 million page views in a single month.
  • LegendsDTV only distributes and streams INDEPENDENT TV, FILM & WEB SERIES. Since the switch to the all-Indie format, LegendsDTV has grown another 113%!


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