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Uniting Fresh Designers With Raving New Fans Nets Sub-50K Alexa

New York, NY – September 30, 2013 – With a growing reputation for uncovering and highlighting the hottest emerging Black designers, fans and visitors have sent's Alexa Ranking plunging below 50K.

Alexa Traffic Rank is a measure of a website’s popularity compared with all other websites on the internet, accounting for both the number of overall visitors to the site and the number of pages they viewed during each visit.

There is a great reason why Alexa’s ranking is consistently moving in a positive direction, as Tamala Stumon, Publisher and Chief Content Officer, explains:

“At Phenomenal Mag, we realize that there is a huge pool of untapped, ‘under-promoted’ Black talent in the fashion and beauty industries. At the same time, as we listen to our readers and observe consumers globally, we recognize that they want to discover, learn more, support and buy from Black designers, models, industry professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world.

“We see this as an incredible opportunity to meet a great need and provide a unique service for both our readers and these talented artists and business owners. Dropping below 50K for our Alexa Traffic Rating is a powerful, gratifying milestone. We could not be more excited to be forging such strong, flourishing, lasting relationships.”

One of’s long-standing goals is to continually increase its value for readers. Executive Editor-In-Chief Deidre’ LaShon keeps her finger on the pulse of what Black women are seeking and diligently upgrades the editorial mix to meet their wants and needs.

“When the scope is expanded, it triggers a reaction of feeling treasured and appreciated. Because we are always striving for that oneness with our readers, they reciprocate the love. So, as we systematically search the web for information that is most important for our readers, it ultimately leads to an increase in our Alexa Ranking,” says LaShon.

Phenomenal Mag continues to grow, and it is well on its way to becoming a major global fashion force. Learn more and explore the site at

About Phenomenal Mag:

Phenomenal Mag is a subsidiary of Legends Digital Media (LDM) committed to lifestyle, beauty, and art through fashion. We are the "Black Beauty's" inner guide to her thoughts, image, and her culture. We awaken her senses to becoming CEO of her life and exploring the world around her! Phenomenal Mag’s vision is to help cultivate "Black Beauties" to shape their surroundings, while becoming change agents in the process.

We are for the professional, intelligent woman, who seeks to read thought-provoking articles in areas not only related to beauty, but about all that life has to offer. Phenomenal Mag is committed in our community. Our mission is to reflect and intensify the voice of "Black Beauties", sharing both topics common to all and a consortium of success stories. We celebrate their triumphs, social influence and status. Phenomenal empowers readers to become innovators and creative designers in their own rights. It is our hope to promote generational leaders, for today and tomorrow. Our motto: “Phenomenal Black Beauty: That's You!”

About Legends Digital Media:

Legends Digital Media, LLC (LDM) is a media and entertainment company with businesses in sports, fashion, lifestyle and news digital publishing, digital television networks and filmed entertainment. LDM uses the latest and most innovative digital technology to create brands and package and deliver high-quality content to LDM's worldwide audience.

Whether measured by quality, popularity or financial results, our divisions strive to be at the top of their categories. Legends2Be, Legends DTV, ShowTime Legends, Phenomenal Mag and all other Legends Digital affiliates' number one goal is to maintain unrivaled reputations for creativity and excellence as they keep people informed, entertained and connected.

Our enterprise is more than a collection of great brands that are owned under one conglomerate. LDM's businesses strive to gain competitive advantage from opportunities for constructive collaboration.

Innovators in technology, digital products and services, LDM brands focus on growth, engagement and monetization on all platforms.

Most importantly, our leadership at every level appropriates its creativity, talent and commitment to excellence to ensure that LDM continues to provide the high-performance, trustworthy information and enjoyable entertainment our audiences expect.



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