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Legends Digital Media Unveils New Corporate Logo For Brand Identity

New York, NY. - Feb. 3, 2018 - Legends Digital Media, LLC, a world-class media and digital entertainment company, today announced the unveiling of a refreshed, revitalized brand identity with a well-polished update to its iconic corporate logo.

To celebrate its past, present and future, the company retains its unique star emblem as its backdrop, while the updated logo features a sharper 3-dimensional edge and brighter accents to the corporate colors of red, blue, and platinum.

The modernized logo makes way for a better brand experience, and it helps to position Legend Digital Media (LDM) as a forward-thinking and innovative company.

“Legends Digital Media is one of those rare brands that is changing the way people view and digest entertainment,” said CEO, Maurice La-Mar Baldwin. “As technologies permeate all aspects of our operation, we want to elevate the brand in a design that is simple, yet still screams the unquestionable trademark and values of LDM.”

Globally, designing a brand mark to work seamlessly across all digital platforms and connected-devices was key to the overall effort of the logo.

“Our new sleek logo better communicates who we are and what we stand for today,” added Deidre’ LaShon, Director of Communications and Brand Marketing. “We’ve kept the visual aesthetic of our brand, but to better align with our core operations and essence, we wanted a look centered around our digital products that would create a new kind of customer engagement and experience.”

The new corporate logo represents LDM’s first logo change since its launch in 2012 and is the direct result of a cross-functional team and its commitment to sustainability.

About Legends Digital Media:

Legends Digital Media, LLC is a media and entertainment company that encompasses sports, fashion, lifestyle and news digital publishing, as well as digital television networks and filmed entertainment.

Whether measured by quality, popularity or financial results, our divisions strive to be at the top of their categories.

Legends2Be, LegendsDTV, Phenomenal Mag (IAmPMAG), ShowTime Legends and all other Legends Digital affiliates' number one goal is to maintain unrivaled reputations for creativity and excellence as they keep people informed, entertained and connected.

Our enterprise is more than a collection of great brands that are owned under one conglomerate. LDM's businesses strive to gain competitive advantage from opportunities for constructive collaboration.

Innovators in technology, digital products and services, LDM brands focus on growth, engagement and monetization on all platforms.

Most importantly, our leadership at every level appropriates its creativity, talent and commitment to excellence to ensure that LDM continues to provide the high-performance, trustworthy information and enjoyable entertainment our audiences expect.



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